LEAD News & Announcements

We are looking for dedicated individuals to make a difference in the lives of America’s youth!  Help us to provide educational opportunities to high achievers with a demonstrated financial need.  Even if all you have is a few free minutes a day, you can make a difference!  Volunteering with our organization will not only introduce you to a network of excellent individuals, volunteering with our organization will help you to gain and enhance your professional skills as well!  All you have to do is complete this application and return it to info@leadscholarshipfoundation.com.  Most volunteering of our volunteering opportunities are virtual and digital so there are no geographical limitations.  There are no skills requirements or employment requirements either. We welcome all no matter of your place of employment or employment status!

Volunteer Application (2)


You can help us to help others by  making a tax deductible donation or participating in one of our annual events!  Contact us at info@leadscholarshipfoundation.com to learn more!

Additional Ways to Support

“Smiling” can help the dreams of America’s youth! Even if you can’t make a monetary donation, shopping via Amazon can benefit our mission if you follow the instructions below!

Amazon Smiles

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